Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trophy Boyfriend

Love is not the face that could launch a thousand ships
It is his laughter that makes him lose poise
When I crack a joke that only we understand

Love is not the flawless skin that shimmers like diamonds under the sun
It is his caress on cold nights
Breaking my guard and giving me warmth

Love is not godlike visage that turns head on a busy street
It is his unadorned face while he sleeps soundly
Dreaming, fleeing from this earth

Love is not the smile that weakens the knees
It is his wisdom that gets me thru my mess

Love is not what is seen;
It is what is not.


  1. Medyo cliche yung mga scenes. Mas maganda sana kung original.

    1. thats the point... you break the cliches hahaha

  2. "Sleeps soundly"?! OMG, SINO SIYA, HA?!!!


    1. sleeps soundly ka naman ah... may sounds hahahaha