Monday, July 9, 2012


It has already been two years since I met Joel. Time as we know changes things and in two years a lot can happen with people.

People change on their own phase. We reach goals and start new one. We create then destroy. Inside of our flesh is a universe where we reconcile disarrays in our lives. And at times, even we don't realize how much we have changed in such a short time.

Lately, we have a lot of disagreements and emotional outbursts that we try to reconcile. And it made me wonder at times why we're having these arguments frequently now after we've already been with each other for two years. I've realized that that was exactly the reason: Time. You are no longer the person I've known two years ago. You've changed.

Somehow as a relationship lasts, complacency surfaces. The feeling of being at ease with someone so familiar makes people overlook changes that happen with the same person they love. As time moves on and these new things start to pile, you realize that you don't know the person you've been with for so long and you yearn to find that same guy you've first met. And that is where problems start.

People change. You've changed and I must also know that so did I. We must learn to accept those changes and we must work harder with more patience so we can make this relationship lasts. I will regret losing you not because we've already been together for 2 years but because we could grow for the better in years to come.

Every time we reconcile our disagreements, it is like the sweet scent a storm leaves on dry earth that makes the ground fertile for life to grow. After every rain in our days, we grow together yet I must remember we also grow as individuals.

Happy 2nd Anniversary.