Monday, June 13, 2011

Hmmm RAWR!!!

It's official I have changed my expression from "Woof woof" and "Arf Arf"  to


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Life is a balance of choosing to be happy now and planning means on how to still be happy in the future. And it gets easier when you're aware that you are balancing it. RAWR!


            Lately I have been very frustrated about the scores I get on the tests in my training. You see, I had been hired by a Call Center for an inbound account and right now, it’s my 2nd week on training. I haven’t failed any written exams, but what’s making me frustrated is that I am always one point short from getting the perfect grade.

            Yeah, I know that passing an exam is already okay but since I had started going to school, my mom trained me to always hit the perfect score or if not get the highest grade compared to the rest. So since then, it doesn’t matter if I’ve received a high grade if I wasn’t the highest scoring student especially on subjects that I’ve studied really hard for.

         Right now, I’m trying to change this attitude because it causes unnecessary stress. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s ok to get these scores and you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone. You should just try harder and improve the next time. And if you did yet you still didn’t get a better grade well it’s fine as long as you like what you’re doing…. It’s all about the climb as they say.

        Again, this is just training… I still have much bigger opportunity to excel out there on the production floor. ^__^ Be optimistic! Fight! RAWR!!!!

Also I will be making this improvement log to help me work out some points I need to work on.

Points for improvement 06/13/2011:
Patiently read the question then go over it. You rush too much.
Don’t compare yourself to others, only to your previous self
Be thankful for the good things; Don't sulk on the bad ones