Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eksena: "Beyond"

Opening (after production house credits)

in black and white
[camera focused on the eyes of a guy in white t-shirt. The guy must be "moreno" with expressive eyes (preferably hazel).] (frame will stay for just .5 of a second

[the digital sound of suddenly appearing things. This sound is like a microphone static only shorter and this is the sound before it reach the annoying high pitch. {Obviously, I don't really know what that sound is hahahahaha}]

[change frame]

frame 2
[zoom on one eye<.5 of a second>]
music 1

[change frame]

frame 3
[frame 3. frame is the bust of the guy. The background is a white door. The camera must contain that there is a door]
music 1

[change frame]

frame 4:
[Guy looking straight into the camera.] "What if the world disappears outside this door?"