Saturday, September 15, 2012

You fail. You start again

When the sunrise decides to cover itself with monsoon clouds
And the birds of morning decides to sleep forever,
You should only light up a cigarette
And take that deep breath
And smile
That you see a day in a different palette

When the movie doesn’t end as you wished it to be
And when you hear the answers that you’re not looking for
You should throw your fist up the sky
To know that you’re not dreaming
That you’re living and still hoping

And when the castle crumbles, that one you built with blood and sleepless nights
You should close your eyes
And dream of a new one
With better walls and taller towers

And you should open your eyes
And learn from this failure

For the world will never turn for you
Nor the tides will part at your command

But thru your hands
And thru eyes
You hope, you dream, you fail
And you start again