Monday, February 20, 2012


·         Love is a relationship with two party in existence with will

·         A party involved should be aware of his existence. Imperatively, a party must be able to define the realities around him and grasp where he stands in this. Otherwise, love cannot be.

·         Love does not exist where there is a primordial desire to compensate that of which lacks in one party’s existence.

·         Decisions are outward expressions of will. One cannot prove love without decisions adherent to a will.

·         The sincerity of words is indispensable in love. Where there is guile in words, the relationship taints.

·         To love is to trust unconditionally. To give even a party’s whole existence in complete trust in a belief that the other party’s desire is in adherence to a covenant of preserving their relationship. To not have trust is not love.

·         To transgress a covenant is essential to proving love. For to transgress is to forgive. And to forgive is to let a part of one soul to break and heal the other. Without transgression, one cannot prove love.

·         To hope indefinitely is essential to love. To put one’s conviction to the betterment of the each other.

·         To love is to exist in a shared reality. To trespass the soul of each other and to have a personal desire to mend the broken pieces of the self because you want to preserve it for you to exist in love as a whole individual.