Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip (Larch)

You’re the type who’s extroverted and self-assured
You didn’t catch my attention ‘coz of your smile but of your spunk
Seating beside you and smelling that perfume
Gives me a slight tingle, a concealed smile

The biceps
The shoulders
The Pecs and the Back
The white porcelain skin
And that rowdy attitude
That just shuts me up

And as you doze off as this trip progress
I glance at your face
You look so different as when you’re awake
So calm, so serene
You’re dreaming, escaping into your realm
So silent, so vulnerable
I loss myself there

Yet like any trip this too did end
And you beside me
Perhaps will never be again
But I regret not
That time you spent
Beside me, on that bus
You made my day just right

‘Til we met again