Monday, October 11, 2010

1st cry

I will never be enough for you because no one will ever be. It's cold, unromantic but true.

Growing up with Disney fairy tales, and telenovelas, I was lead to believe that "love will keep us alive" but perhaps now I know that it is not how life is. That no matter how perfect one is, you will never fulfill the life needs of your partner. We can never be their sun or moon. We cannot give them their air to breathe like all those love songs tell you.

And knowing that, no, experiencing that for the first time made me cry because perhaps I've expected one too much from you, from us. I hurts 'cause I felt unappreciated, taken for granted for a while but I know that I'm not...

So what if I am not enough to make you happy. You still love me in spite. And that what matters most that even if you don't need me, you love me,  and despite the fact that not one soul in the whole world will ever be enough for you, you chose to stay with me.

You need your space as I too need it. We are still growing even and changing and for us to do that we need space, new experience and wisdom. I will not bound you to have all of that for I love you so much that I am giving you your freedom.

Because that is what love is I guess, letting you go to see the world and then patiently waiting for your return... ^___^